MG Land & Properties - Real Estate Agency, Bangkok Thailand


Services for buyers and investors

Should you be interested to acquire a property in Thailand as an investment or just for living, we do have a great selection of properties in Bangkok and in Pattaya. From luxury condominium to affordable middles class residence in the heart of Bangkok, we will be guide you through our offering or search the property you are looking for should we not have it in our portfolio.
We will provide you market data and advise you how to select the right position of the building so that your property might increase in value or is able to provide you with a decent rental income.

Services for owners

Should you choose to rent your property and benefit from rental income, our presence in Bangkok / Thailand and in Switzerland will provide you with a large portfolio of potential tenants from Thailand or from abroad for a short term or an annual stay. We will as well offer you to manage your property regarding both the maintenance of the premise and the management of the tenant, to make sure your property remains in perfect shape and the rental income is paid regularly.

Services for sellers
We do determine the appropriate selling price of your property based on current property market condition in Thailand.
We provide:
- Do marketing and advertising for your property via internet, leaflets and daily newspapers
- Help you to make the right decision, we will calculate all taxes and expenses incurred from the registration of property ownership transfer
- Prepare and carry out all legal documentations and contracts starting from 1st stage of booking payment to registration of ownership transfer at Land Department
- And last but not least sell your property as your success in our success too.